Mondays don't suck and neither do you

August 24, 2019

Ever fall into that trap of feeling like your weekend was quicker than your previous whole work week? You have the dreaded feeling of "Aw, sh** here comes another Monday." Then you wake up Monday morning and it feels like the worst day of the week. WELL NEWS FLASH IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE!!

You are more awesome then you give yourself credit for. There is so much to the human mind, that we are almost in the year 2020, and we as a civilization still do not have it all figured out. One thing that is true is that you have the power to influence your every second of your life. There is a saying that you only live once, which may be true in some aspects, but if you take a look at it in a different perspective; you live each and everyday you are allowed to open your eyes. Monday could be the best day of your life, or the best day because you chose to make it so. We have the power to choose what is affecting us either in a positive or negative way, which very well could influence the rest of how your day goes. For example, instead of being angry that a cab/uber driver is late and it would cause you to be late for that meeting/appointment/shift at work, change your thought process. Think of it in a positive manner such as it was a potential blessing in disguise. Maybe those few minutes of being on time, or being late could have potentially saved your life from a fatal car accident, or being even more help up in traffic. Changing negative thoughts into a more positive experience would definitely change your outlook on life and you will be generally more happy. 

If you want to be great at something then put it to your mind, work at it everyday until it gets accomplished. You have got to remember that not everyone starts at the top. One of my favorite people that influence me (and a great example of that) is none other then Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. I'm sure you all reading this are familiar with his journey but here's a brief synopsis. When he started in the WWF he was not popular, he got booed, he did not have a big fan base. However, he did not let that stop him, he put in the work he trained, and as he preached consistently he became one of the most electrifying persons to have stepped foot in that ring. The best part about it is, he found a way to reinvent himself, to make himself a bigger icon and superstar then he already was when he turned to acting in movies and TV Shows. Now if you look at him he is one of the top actors in the world, you see his face everywhere, so many want to be like him. 

In our next blurb, we  want to share with you some great tips on how to get a great strong mindset to get what you want out of life, we believe anyone can be just as good as the Dwayne Johnsons, the Kevin Harts, the Brad Pitts, Will Smiths, and anyone you admire that you can think of. But for now make those small changes when something doesn't go your way, take a second breath deeply a few times to calm yourself and think of all the positives around you, and you'll think very little of that bad experience. Plus you got bigger fish to fry, success is in your reach, and you can't reach it getting stumped over minor mishaps. Blessings and peace to you all!