Here's A few tips To help you get a better grip on the battle w/ Sleep

July 19, 2019

1. Reduce or Eliminate those daytime naps- Quick power naps about 30 mins are great(some studies show that it may improve daytime brain activity). However, the ones that start in early afternoon and next thing you know it's 8-9pm at night have to go and absolutely mess up your natural sleep rhythm. 

2. Attempt to "silence the noise"- Your mind is giving you consistent chatter all day and night long. Take a few moments to zen out. Try meditation, relaxing music, some goal visualization, perhaps a hot bath. Calming your mind can bring more awareness over time if practiced consistently. You absolutely deserve time away from the chaotic flow of the day to enjoy your own favorite person ever (YOU!!)

3. Consistent Schedule- This helps set your body's circadian rhythm, may even lessen the tossing and turning you experience at night. Getting a consistent time in will improve the quality of sleep. If you feel the "Itis" kicking in after a good meal, get up do something minority engaging to fight the sleep until it is time for bed. 

4. Improve your environment- If you have a terrible mattress, then of course your sleep will be terrible, same thing applies to pillows. Make the room your desirable, comforting temperature. Maintaining a minimum noise level will add to your ability to silence the noise and be easier to maintain peace as you drift off to dreamland.

5. Get Active - Getting some type of physical activity in a few hours before you go to sleep is definitely useful, and it helps you get closer to your body goals!