The Foundation

July 31, 2019

A lot of you may be wondering why Limitless Resource exists, where it came from, what purpose can it serve me, or even why utilize time on coming to this site. Well, luckily for you that is the purpose of this blurb to answer those questions, and provide the briefest possible backstory.

This is coming directly from me, the creator of Limitless Resource, T. Dukes. I grew up adopted, (still not knowing my biological parents to this day), into a family with three siblings. I was close to my mother, with which I adopted some of the methods she used to problem solve and ease tensions. My mother has eyesight and hearing disabilities, which made life even more bearing on her. She had a hard time trusting/relying on people to assist her every so often, and I kind of absorbed that feeling towards others as well, whenever I was let down.  I encountered a lot of verbal abuse growing up as a child(all from my father), which may have significantly stifled some of the previous dreams and desires I wished to pursue. I did not have the best relationship with my father, and for most of my youth grew up in fear of him, rather than that genuine love and respect. I can recall that often he attempted to dictate how my life would flow; cut my hair off, join rotc program back in high school, and join the military, serve for 20 years. I absolutely did not want that, I just wanted to play basketball, go to college. Coincidentally one day when leaving to go play pick-up at one of my good friend's house, the phone rang and it was an army recruiter, and it was one of the few times I can recall that I seen a smile from my father in reference to me. 

Fast forward 3 1/2 years later, and I'm in South Korea on active duty. My contract is winding to a close (I signed a 4-yr agreement), I just became the youngest sergeant in my unit, and there was a tug, do I stay in, or do I get out? I weighed my options and ultimately chose to leave active duty and pursue college. However, at that time I was not as financially prepared as I thought, so I ended up moving into a bad apartment complex, where no lie, the company of roaches was definitely a weekly thing to deal with. My car I had at that time also got robbed, and things I used to train for basketball, was taken from me, as well as some other good valuables. At school one of the classes I took opened my mind up about religion(grew up in a christian household), in that class we briefly went over world views and their philosophies behind religion. I thought I knew what I wanted to pursue as a career, however once I discovered salary that I would potentially make, and additional schooling needed for another route, I did not want to go with that route (kinesiology ) anymore, so essentially I just started floating in classes.

I was not giving 100% percent efforts, I skipped days just because I did not feel like being bothered, I did not study for exams, or labs, and my grades and GPA suffered as a result. I was working 30-40 hours as well on top of the school, mostly overnights, so my daytime classes was not looking too good. One of the last jobs I worked was at amazon. I quit my job as school security in hopes of securing more pay, however the style of work (it was in a warehouse) definitely was not my forte. We essentially worked 3 12-hr shifts 3 days in a row, and that was the work week. However the work itself was monotonous, barely any communication with fellow co-workers. I got tired of that fairly quickly as well, but I thought I found a solution. This girl I used to date worked there as well, and at that time we were still cool, so she found a way to "cheat" the clock system and leave early, while still getting paid. I thought that the idea sounded great, and I attempted it as well.... long story short that got me fired, not because of the method, but because I used it at the wrong time and ran out of unpaid hours I could miss for the quarter. 

So there I was approximately one year ago, jobless, with rent coming up, car note due, and utility bills due as well. I was living on my own, and was far from family so I thought, no problem, I'll get another job immediately, I mean I have military qualifications, and I was a certified EMT. Boy was I wrong! I also was a driver for Uber at the time, so I tried to use that to compensate for the lost job, but it was the summer slowdown so I would drive for about 6 hours a day, only pull in about $100 and use like $40 to fill up my gas tank. Rent was late(I was never late with rent before, always on time or early), and despite that great payment history, the apartment complex served me up an eviction notice. I paid the rent back in portions but it continually went up each day ($50/day  after day 3 of not paid in full, $10/day afterwards). I was beating myself up and I was frustrated, I dropped out of my classes I was taking for the summer due to the stress buildup and inability to focus on schoolwork. Almost every friend I told about the situation hit me with almost the same response "Damn, that sucks, how you gonna pay for that?" Family members I told said "Oh keep your head up, and I'll pray for you", and "keep praying". But hearing that only made me more angry, when the money owed kept going up, no avenues of solution arose, and every job I applied to from hotel worker, to admin assistant all denied me. I asked TD Jakes' church(his church was right next to my school and I lived 10mins away) for assistance they turned me away and told me call Red Cross since I was not a member. So that result darkened my view on Christianity big time, and obviously TD Jakes' church.

 One of my good friends had embarked the help from his family and his church, they pitched in as much as possible. I angrily prayed day and night for solution, and none came. At one point  I threw in the towel briefly. I had went to a small court vs. the apartment complex and the ruling was that I had to pay them everything I owed, over the course of the next 2-4 days or I'd be out in the street. Well after a sermon that broke me down things started to turn around out of nowhere. My family who I told about the situation, and said they could not help, provided assistance to the point where I was able to take care of the balances I owed to the apartment. One of the church members fixed my resume up, and I got a job (although it was a gas station attendant it was definitely better then nothing at all). 

Months afterwards, I started working overseas. Due to time difference, essentially most of the time there felt isolated from the world and caused me to begin on a path of self-discovery. I made a promise to myself to never allow myself to get that low in life again. I started discovering the power of the mind, the power of words, the power of people you associate with most. My dreams developed into something I would have never seen myself doing this time about a year ago. I wanted to help people become better versions of themselves. I observed that in this day and age too many people waste time and potential by pouring into the wrong things. I came to believe strongly that people can master their own fate and destiny, and it all starts with the mind, then body, then your spirit/soul. Get these all in tune and you become one unstoppable individual. That is the purpose of this company, to assist you in realizing the true potential within. Maybe by reading some words of encouragement from our post may get you going and uplift you. Maybe something else we talk on or post on will get you to take the right steps to create a better tomorrow for you, and perhaps a better world for the future.