Iceberg Prison Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Indigo Blue
Sport Grey
Light Pink
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Our lives most of the time seem to be floating on autopilot. We have a hard time consistently staying in the now, we always want to be moving towards the next thing. We always focus on the destination and not the journey. Our lives mostly run off of our subconscious mindset, which is the bottom portion of the Iceberg Prison, and on very few occasions runs off our conscious mind. When we attempt to make habitual changes, often times they fail because in our conscious mind we want to make a change, but subconsciously when we attempt to make changes that is not considered our "norm" our brains fire off things and events to make things go back to its "safe zone". We have to strive and work hard to make the subconscious changes on the inside, in order to show our true fruits and blessings we have on the outside.

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